Pro Tools Ultimate
Apple Mac OS Monterey
Mac Studio M1 max, novembre 2022
Converters : Antelope ORION 32+ 3rd GEN 32 ins/32 outs + no latency AFX


ATC SCM45a Pro active 3-way main speakers
VOVOX High definition cables
Siemens RL401 1979 vintage passive 2-way alternate speakers w/ JBL vintage amplifier.
Ultrasone PRO 750 Headphones
Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones x5
Audio Technica ATH M50x x4

(29 lines)

BAE 1073 MP x2, vintage Neve-like mic-pre
Chandler ltd. LTD-1 x2, channel-strips of vintage NEVE 1073 + EQ
Chandler ltd. TG2 special abbey road edition x2, EMI console type mic-pre
Chandler ltd. GERMANIUM PRE x1
Classic API VP28 x4, vintage 70’s API console punchy bite.
A-Designs PACIFICA x2, Quad-Eight sweet color
Thermionic Culture Nightingale x2, Tube mic-pre
Telefunken v672 x2, vintage germanium mic-pre
SYTEK MPX-4A x8, NEOTEK-like console pres, very clean sound.
DAV BG N°2 MKII, x4 channels of clean sound.


Teletronix vintage LA2A, tube limiter / comp amplifier
Cartec audio EQP-1A, mono Tube Pultec EQ
A-Designs EM-EQ2, stereo Pultec EQ
A-Designs HM2EQ HAMMER, tube & solid state stereo hybrid EQ
Chandler ltd. Little Devil's comp 500
Chandler ltd. Germanium Tone Control, mono pultec-style EQ
Chandler ltd. LTD-1 x2, Neve-style 1084 EQ
API 2500, stereo bus comp
API 70's 525 comp x2
API 550A vintage EQ x2
Kush Audio Elektra 500 module x2, full parametric 4 bands EQ
Kush Audio UBK FATSO, stereo mutli-comp & analog tape distorsion simulator
Empirical Labs DISTRESSOR EL8-X w/ british mod, dynamic processor x2
Thermionic Culture Nightingale, stereo tube EQ + VARI-MU comp
MOOG Analog Delay w/ LFO (500 series)
Euphonix/Avid McMix 8 faders, motorized controller surface.
API lunchbox 10


Neumann U87 vintage condenser
Neumann/Gefell MV691 w/ M70 capsules x2, vintage condenser pair
AKG C414 B-ULS x2 matched-pair, large condenser
Josephson e22s, small condenser
Josephson C42 x2 matched-pair, small condenser
DPA 2011 x2 matched pair, small condenser
Coles 4038 x2, ribbon
AEA R84 x2, matched pair, large ribbons
Bock Audio 195, large condenser
SE Electronics Voodoo VR-1, ribbon
Cascade Fathead II x2, ribbon
Beyerdynamic M260, vintage ribbon
Beyerdynamic M88n x3, vintage dynamic
Beyerdynamic M88TG, dynamic
Beyerdynamic M201, dynamic
AKG D12, vintage dynamic
AKG D112, dynamic
Shure Beta 91, PZM
Shure KSM32 x2 matched pair, large condenser
Telefunken M80, dynamic
Sennheiser MD421 x2, dynamic
Sennheiser MD411n x2, dynamic
Oktava MK-012 w/ oktavamod x2, small condenser
Oktava MK-012 x2, small condenser
Heil PR30 x2, dynamic
Audix i5, dynamic
Audix D6, dynamic
Shure SM58 x3, dynamic


DANGEROUS MUSIC D-BOX+ summing box x8
RADIAL JDI passive DI x3
RADIAL J48 active DI x1
RADIAL X-AMP reamping box x3
Triton audio Fethead x2, active preamp for ribbon mics
PAD / Attenuators x4

Pedals & FX

Chandler ltd. Germanium Drive, pedal colored boost
Chandler ltd. Little Devil, pedal colored boost
PettyJohn Lift V1, buffer, low-pass high-pass + boost
Small Sound Big Sound MINI, boost + EQ
Small Sound Big Sound BUZZ, Fuzz
Xotic EP Booster pedal
Death By Audio EchoDream, analog delay w/ mod
Malekko Spring reverb, pedal
Strymon FLINT tremolo + reverb pedal
Strymon DIG digital double delay pedal
Lehle send return, mix dry/wet mono pedal.

(available for free)

Art Custom Drums maple kit (24x20, 13x9, 16x16), 6-ply shells
Vintage 70's LUDWIG maple kit (22x14, 13x9, 16x16), 3-ply shells
Vintage 60's LUDWIG supraphonic LM400 14"x5", steel snare drum
Vintage 60's SONOR Teardrop beech kit (20x14, 13x8, 16x14), 3-ply shells
PEARL Steve Ferrone brass snare drum, 14”x6,5” (ludwig black beauty like)
SONOR Benny Greb signature V2, beech 13"x6" with dampening system
Ampeg STV-II Pro made in USA (late 90's), tube, Bass head
CHILLBASS 2x15 Bass Cabinet
Vintage custom 70's 2x12 cabinet with Goodman's speakers
Orange 4x12 straight v30 cabinet
Orange 4x12 cut v30 cabinet
LESLIE 16 vintage 1969 rotating HP cabinet
MOOG SUB 37 duo-phonic analog synthesizer
CRUMAR T2 vintage organizer
Complete Modular Eurorack system (Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, Intellijel, 3sisters, XOAC, Hermod…)
PLEYEL Vintage acoustic Piano from 1920 (it's very old, noisy keys and pedal and need to be tuned (around 90€), but it has a sound of its own)
YAMAHA Clavinova, digital piano

Backline On Demand
(50€/piece for the whole session)

Vintage 60’s Selmer MKII trebble & Bass 50w, guitar & bass head
Vintage 60’s Sound City SC100, bass & guitar head
Vintage 60’s Wallace 80w, bass & guitar head
Marshall reissue PLEXI 50w tube, guitar head
Sunn Beta bass solid state, bass head
Sunn Model-T 100w tube, guitar head
Vintage 60’s Marshall 4x12 100w 50hz bass & guitar cabinet
MESA 4x12 bass cabinet


Kush Audio
Steven Slate / Slate Digital
Plugin Alliance
And a lot more…